Vietnamese images promoted in Chile

Created 18 May 2017
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Various Vietnamese cultural products were showcased at the Exponor 2017 international exhibition of the mining industry on May 17 in Chile’s northern province of Antofagasta.

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Hanoi in 1980s seen by a French student

Created 10 May 2017
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Sketches and photos of Hanoi by French author-illustrator Jean-Charles Sarrazin from 1987 and 1988 are on display in Hanoi, accompanied by the originals of his three books recently translated into Vietnamese.

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Bamboo musical instruments in Vietnam

Created 24 April 2017
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Vietnam has a rich treasure of traditional musical instruments, of which bamboo instruments are the oldest.

VN lacquer works promoted at Malaysia art fair

Created 24 April 2017
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A group of Vietnamese artists attended the 2016 Malaysia Art Expo last week, seeking to promote their country’s lacquer paintings.


Young Vietnamese-American artist takes on xenophobia with 'Made by Refugee' stickers

Created 20 April 2017
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There’s 'Made in China', 'Made in USA', so why not 'Made by Refugee'?

Vietnamese, Danish artists to put on joint exhibition

Created 31 March 2017
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Nguyen Da Quyen of Vietnam and Christopher Skouenborg of Denmark will launch an art exhibition in HCMC tonight which explores different feelings of love.



Vietnam withdraws five war era songs pending review

Created 12 March 2017
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The five songs remain popular in Vietnamese communities overseas. 

Vietnam withdraws five war era songs pending review

Poor men’s tea shops in Hanoi

Created 26 February 2017
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Poor men with steaming hot cups of tea can be found just about everywhere on the streets of Hanoi.


50 shades of rooster: Vietnamese artists celebrate new year

Created 21 February 2017
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A unique collaborative project inspired by the colorful bird, the symbol of the new lunar year.

Vietnam’s other puppetry art

Created 20 September 2016
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Bao Ha village in Haiphong province has a long history of creating and performing puppets. Here, two types of puppetry co-exist: water and non-water puppetry.


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