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How to feast in Hanoi on a $10 budget

Created 24 April 2017
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US$10 is not much, but do you know you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks and even a glass of beer in that amount in Hanoi.

Let the money be your guide: Famous tourist attractions on Vietnam's bank notes

Created 21 April 2017
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What's really on the money?



The problem with traveling to Vietnam just because it’s cheap

Created 30 March 2017
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Tourists love the country because it’s cheap, but low costs come with risks.

The problem with traveling to Vietnam just because it’s cheap

Life is short. So where should you travel?

Created 23 March 2017
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A new map picks one attraction in each country and territory that you should not miss. The choice for Vietnam is not a surprise.


Man who’s just visited all 197 countries: ‘Make sure Hanoi is on your route plans’

Created 18 March 2017
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It has taken 10 years for Johnny Ward to complete his tour around the world – and he’s making all of us jealous.

Ba Ria-Vung Tau in a day tour

Created 16 March 2017
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A day trip visiting historical sites and tourist attractions in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province will be started on March 25.


Top experiences in Hanoi

Created 09 March 2017
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 If you are visiting Hanoi, you are adviced to read this article.

Sisters’ 40-hour Saigon-Hanoi bike trip inspires fast biking trend, sparks safety debate

Created 08 March 2017
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Two sisters' 40-hour bike trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi has prompted others to challenge themselves by completing the route as fast as possible, while triggering a debate about safety.


The thrilling three-province Tà Năng–Phan Dũng trek

Created 22 October 2016
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Adventurous travellers are no strangers to trekking, to the feeling of being one with nature, resting on a lush green hillside being cooled by a gentle breeze. This is what the Tà Năng–Phan Dũng has to offer.

Discovering the wonderland below our feet

Created 18 September 2016
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Across the globe, most people would say that Việt Nam’s greatest scenic wonder is the UNESCO Natural Heritage site of Hạ Long Bay. However, some experts are saying that there are even more beautiful geological creations worth travelling to - the caves in Việt Nam.


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