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Polluting factories still remain in Hanoi's residential quarters

Hanoi authorities decided years ago that 117 polluting production facilities in the inner city must move to the suburbs or neighboring provinces. However, the relocation still has not been implemented.


Vietnam demotes top pollution inspector for Formosa toxic spill

The Taiwanese steel plant has restarted operation a year after the disaster as officials said it has met environment requirements.

Vietnam demotes top pollution inspector for Formosa toxic spill


Large gap between school and exam scores found

Vietnamese students have become suspiciously excellent with very high reported GPAs (Grade Point Average). 


High school exam held nationwide

– Nearly 860,000 candidates took part in the first day of the National High School Exam on Thursday, taking the literature test in the morning and the math test in the afternoon.

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Over 866,000 students take National High School Exam

Over 866,000 students across the country gathered at 2,364 testing locations on June 21 afternoon to complete all registering procedures for the three-day National High School Exam, the most important exam students spend 12 years preparing for.

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HCM City calls for private investment in waste water treatment

As state and local budgets are limited, calling for private investment in waste water treatment is considered the most feasible solution for now. 


As number of students rises, HCM City hurries to recruit teachers

The number of students in the 2017-2018 academic year will reach a record high, especially at preschool and primary education, raising concerns about the lack of teachers and classrooms.


Tightened environmental protection at thermal power plants

Vietnam will face grave consequences if it does not take strict action against pollution while striving to achieve the goal of 7% annual economic growth and power sector's 11% annual growth.


HCM City hosts Int’l Student Science Forum

Vietnamese students and international students from nine countries are exchanging innovative ideas and culture in the 2nd International Student Science Forum that opened on Thursday in HCM City.

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Schools not happy about limited enrollment periods

The Hanoi Education & Training Department has released a decision that all schools in the city, state-owned and non-state owned, enroll students from July 1 to July 15.


Water security from a geopolitical perspective

Why does Laos insist on building more hydroelectric dams when Vietnam and many other countries believe that it is not the optimal solution for energy, environmental and societal development?


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