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Kim Kardashian said to have hired surrogate for third baby

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's family may be growing, according to reports on Wednesday that the celebrity couple have hired a surrogate to carry their third child after a doctor advised the reality star against another high-risk pregnancy.

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World population to reach 9.8 bln in 2050, UN says

The global population will reach 8.6 billion in 2030, 9.8 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion in 2100.


Whales shrank before populations crashed: study

For blue, fin and sei whales, body size started to shrink a couple of decades before the sudden drop off in numbers caught.


Judge says San Francisco can subpoena Uber for driver information

A California state judge said on Thursday that San Francisco can demand from Uber records containing the ride-hailing company's driver contact information, the city attorney said.


Four die from heat in sweltering U.S. Southwest: reports

Four people, including a homeless person and two hikers, have died from the record-breaking heat in the U.S. Southwest, media reports said, where triple-digit temperatures have driven residents indoors and canceled airline flights.


N.Korea calls Trump a 'psychopath'

Pyongyang's official newspaper said the U.S. president was in a 'tough situation' at home. 

N.Korea calls Trump a 'psychopath'

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Belgium probes station bomber fatally shot by soldiers

Belgian counter-terrorism police are probing the identity of a suspected suicide bomber shot dead by troops guarding a Brussels railway station after he set off explosives that failed to injure anyone.

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U.S. Supreme Court ruling threatens massive talc litigation against J&J

Johnson & Johnson is seizing upon a U.S. Supreme Court ruling from Monday limiting where injury lawsuits can be filed to fight off claims it failed to warn women that talcum powder could cause ovarian cancer.

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In China, universities teach how to go viral online

'I like dressing myself up really pretty and take pictures. I feel like this major really suits me.' 


London mosque attacker: 'I want to kill all Muslims'

When people seized the attacker, he was shouting: 'All Muslims, I want to kill all Muslims.' 

London mosque attacker: 'I want to kill all Muslims'

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Vietnamese-American one of seven sailors killed in US Navy collision off Japan

Investigators are trying to establish how the destroyer collided with a large container ship in clear weather. A Vietnamese American man was one of the seven sailors who died in a collision between the USS Fitzgerald and a Philippine-flagged container ship off the coast of Japan on Saturday, the U.S. Navy has announced.



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